AI is going to change the World more than anything in the history of mankind. More than electricity.

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About Us

Our Intelligence is more than Artificial.

AI 2.0 Limited were established in January 2021 as the Artificial Intelligence arm of the parent company Technologies.

AI 2.0 is building an Eco Friendly High Performance Computing (HPC) Data Centre &an Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS) platform where Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs and Professionals will be able to purchase Artificial Intelligence services seamlessly via our AI 2.0 token.


A significant problem is the lack of European HPC facilities in the global top 10. The EU consumes one-third of HPC resources while only producing 5% of computer power. European scientists and engineers rely on expensive U.S. supercomputing facilities more than those in the EU by a factor of 10.


At AI 2.0, we have completed the main build of our data centre and are ready to commence the installation of our HPC infrastructure which is based in Europe (Bucharest), which will significantly help to bridge this gap and will enable European companies to obtain their supercomputing power within the EU. We expect this facility to be more efficient and of lower cost than in most of the U.S. By operating in Bucharest, we have the benefit of low-cost electricity and fast internet speeds as well as our Intellectual Property (IP) and expect to run at around 40% less power consumption than the industry average.

We have the capacity to scale up our operations and, as we do so, we expect to quickly become the top EU HPC centre and in the global top 10 HPC centres.

Use-case example:


Instead of taking regular over the counter medicines…Medicine could be tailored to your exact genome. AI algorithms will enable doctors and hospitals to better analyze data and customize their health care to the genes, environment and lifestyle of each patient. From diagnosing brain tumors to deciding which cancer treatment will work best for an individual, AI is positioned to drive the personalized medicine revolution.

Eco-friendly Data Center

Intellectual Property (IP)

Our research and development (R &D ) team has a permanent mission to improve efficiency and minimise the power consumption in our data centres operating under ISO 14001:2015. Through their significant efforts, our existing hardware runs at 40% less power consumption than the industry average.

Our AI hardware will run on the same IP, which will make our data centre one of the most eco-friendly in the world.

Green Computing

We are a supporter of Crypto Climate Accord.

The Crypto Climate Accord’s overall objective is to decarbonize the global crypto industry by prioritizing climate stewardship and supporting the entire crypto industry’s transition to net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2040. The Accord has two specific interim objectives:

  • Achieve net-zero emissions from electricity consumption for CCA Signatories by 2030.

  • Develop standards, tools, and technologies with CCA Supporters to accelerate the adoption of and verify progress toward 100% renewably-powered blockchains by the 2025 UNFCCC COP30 conference.

The Crypto Climate Accord will create wins for both the planet and the global economy. For climate advocates, they can eliminate emissions from a fast-growing source of electric load. For the cleantech industry, they can onboard an entirely new class of customers with significant demand for low-carbon solutions. For the crypto industry, they can help support widespread adoption of crypto by making the industry more sustainable.

AI 2.0 HPC data centre infrastructure will run highly efficient algorithms. From the initial consultation, we will be able to clarify how we can optimise for maximum effectiveness for each application and how our customised HPC environments would work for the clients’ needs. At the core of our business, we ensure reliability and security to our clients and do so in a cost-effective and environmentally friendly manner.

Our secure, sustainable computing environment is the perfect solution for anyone prioritising climate goals and carbon targets – we utilise evaporating air cooling technology. The advantages of evaporative cooling are well documented. This energy-efficient, environmentally friendly technology consumes 80% less energy than compressor air conditioning, can lower the air temperature by up to 12 degrees, improves air quality by removing dust, fumes and unpleasant odours and does not require the closing of doors or windows . HPC is already consuming large portions of the world’s available energy, with various air-cooling solutions consuming up to 30%–40% of the total energy deployed. Hence, there is an urgent need to deploy sustainable solutions.

By using a special software algorithm and customised hardware architecture, one high-performance AI HPC Server uses similar power to a household light bulb, and all the materials are renewable. The heat generated by the machines will be channeled to our production facility to provide warmth during the cold season.

Tree Planting

Around the building premises, we will plant 128 trees as part of a volunteering program in partnership with the Ministry of Education in Romania. The top 10 National Olympics teenage computer scientists will be invited to join the Technologies Educational Awards Program.

AI Platform — IaaS Software and Microservices

When our AI infrastructure is live, Governmental Authorities, Megacorps, SMEs and Professionals will be able to purchase a wide range of AI services.

The software and hardware in our data centre deliver the services through a customer self-service portal in which the customer will be able to select their resources and software add-ons. Through our platform, we will serve complex computation-intensive data analysis tasks that include the following:

Through its platform, will be serving complex computation intensive data analysis tasks that include:

  • 1. Self Driving Cars
  • 2. Face &Voice Recognition
  • 3. Medical Industry
  • 4. Health Care
  • 5. Recruitment
  • 6. Sales Automation &Lead Generation.
  • 7. Virtual Assistants
  • 8. Traffic Congestion / Smart Cities
  • 9. Border Control / Secure Societies
  • 10. Agriculture - Greenhouse Automation

The distributed ledger format can be leveraged to support an array of government and public sector applications, including digital currency/payments, land registration, identity management, supply chain traceability, healthcare, corporate registration, taxation, voting (elections and proxy) and legal entities management.

Government Enterprise Blockchain Solution

Using its full stack of enterprise tools, AI 2.0 is building a blockchain operating system for the public sector. This government enterprise solution uses smart contracts, asset management solutions, identity management solutions, and process automation.

The solution provides a private enterprise chain developed specifically for governments. It features the ability to assign different levels of access to authorised users, ensuring the independent validation of transactions and operations that establish full security and accountability while complying with relevant privacy standards.

Governmental complex computation-intensive data analysis tasks can include the following:

  • 1. Asset Management
  • 2. Smart Contracts for Health Care
  • 3. Voting
  • 4. Taxation
  • 5. Supply Chain Traceability
  • 6. Land Registration
  • 7. Identity Management &Process Automation

The governmental enterprise blockchain solution enables citizens, residents and businesses to participate and manage their data, creating a secure system that will streamline government-citizen interactions while securing information against hacking and fraud.


We will constantly innovate and utilise new technologies, and we will grow securely. This requires an end-to-end cyber risk strategy driven by our executive leadership team. Our strategy balances the requirements to be secure, vigilant, and resilient with strategic objectives. We implemented our NATO-compliant roadmap and governance model to support security priorities in an era where cyber is everywhere.

Vulnerability Monitoring Platform

Proven methodologies and military grade standards are included in our Vulnerability Monitoring Platform.

The Vulnerability Monitoring Platform automatically discovers the assets in the datacenter using a highly secured protocol which is not using IP or MAC addresses and compares their hardware and software components with 80 different data sources for real time vulnerability alerts.

Every network device in our Data Center (physical or virtual) will be managed by the Vulnerability Monitoring Platform and connected to our specially designed firewalls that don’t use Internet Protocol (IP) and are not registered to the network using a MAC address.


AI 2.0 has put significant effort into the tokenomics and token model. As such, the token has been designed to reflect the success of the platform and to incentivise a healthy ecosystem, bringing together token holders and AI platform clients.

Private Sale
Start Date : 11-May-2022
End Date : 14-May-2022
Fundraising Goal : 50 BNB
Token Pricing : $0.0000001
Minimum Investment : 0.5 BNB
Maximum Investment : 2 BNB
Start Date : 15-May-2022
End Date : 22-May-2022
Fundraising Goal : 100 BNB
Token Pricing : $ 0.0000002
Minimum Investment : 0.1 BNB
Maximum Investment : 2 BNB
Public Sale
Start Date : 23-May-2022
End Date : 30-May-2022
Fundraising Goal : 200 BNB
Token Pricing : $ 0.0000005
Minimum Investment : Any Amount
Maximum Investment : 2 BNB

AI 2.0 Max Supply 1,000,000,000,000

Token Name : AI Bot Token
Token Symbol : AI Bot
Accepted Currencies : BNB
Token Sale Stages : Three
Total Supply : 1 Trillion
Decimals : 8
Token Type : Binance, Bep20
Public Sale Start Date :11-May-2022
Public Sale End Date : 30-May-2022
Public Sale Price : 1 AI 2.0 = 0.0000005

Referral scheme

Purchase a minimum of in AI 2.0 tokens to obtain a referral code

When a referral buys AI 2.0 tokens using your unique code you will receive 5% in AI 2.0 tokens and your referral will receive a 1% bonus of additional AI 2.0 tokens.

Token Allocation

Private Sale
: 20%
: 20%
Public Sale
: 16%
R &D
: 1%
: 10%
Liquidity &Staking
: 9%
Ecosystem Community Engagement &User Acquisition
: 5%
: 4%
: 15%


Maximize your profits by staking

will distribute the profits evenly to all investors staking their tokens up until our (IaaS) platform is live. The profit accrued will be based on each investor’s holding. AI 2.0 token holders will maximise the value of their tokens by staking for an efficient factor (EF). A user’s EF will be directly proportional to the amount of AI 2.0 tokens that are staked multiplied by the number of months (m). Staking will occur via smart contract. While staked, AI 2.0 tokens cannot be traded, sold, or used in any way. To stake AI 2.0 tokens, users must submit a request and wait for a certain amount of time. Users can reclaim all staked tokens.

Distribution of Staking Rewards

AI 2.0 tokens will be used to redistribute rewards to the token stakers who helped to complete the data centre and (IaaS) platform. The aim is to generate circa 7.5% APYup until the (IaaS) platform is live. At this point, it must be noted that returns on the token depend on a multitude of factors, such as market conditions, market risk, token performance, etc. In line with this, we do not guarantee or promise any return or APY.

It is important to note that the AI 2.0 token is designed and intended to be a utility token only and not a security token. Therefore, any direct or indirect references to the AI 2.0 token being a security token are entirely incorrect.

The staking duration and the APY are subject to change. The APY details, the timeframe, and the distribution mechanism will be communicated in more detail as the project approaches its launch.


The roadmap is a document showing key turning points. Technical team and AI-2.0 society will pursue these objectives.


  2,000 Holders
  Third Party Contract Audit
  Website Launch
  Airdrop #1
  25,000 Followers on Twitter
  Marketing Campaign
  25,000 Telegram Members
  Private sale
  public sale

In Progress

  5,000 Holders
  50,000 Telegram Members
  5,000 Followers on Twitter
  All time highest voted coin on Coinsniper Rank #1
  All time highest voted coin on Watcherguru Rank #1
  All time highest voted coin on Coinmooner Rank #1
  CoinMarketCap Listing
  List on PancakeSwap
  CoinGecko Listing
  List on 3 CEX Exchange
  All time highest voted coin on Coinhunter Rank #1
  30,000 Holders
  30,000 Telegram Members
  30,000 Followers on Twitter
  Website Redesign
  Partner with various projects to expand even further
  NFT Platform
  Influencer Marketing Push
  Upgrading the look of the website
  Continue expanding the platform with new features
  Big marketing campaign
  Influencer Marketing Push
  100,000 Holders
  100,000 Telegram Members
  More CEX Listings
  100,000 Followers on Twitter
  AI 2.0 NFT Marketplace
  AI 2.0 Metaverse
  AI 2.0 Games SDK
  Large influencer marketing push


Lucas Chomley

Founder &Head of UK Operations

Lucas is a born achiever and has very high standards in everything he does. He is a passionate entrepreneur and established himself as a successful investor very early on in his career. His main focus was on Property &Fine Art until he was introduced to Bitcoin in 2015 and since then has never looked back. During his career Lucas has built a solid network and was instrumental in securing the partnership between Technologies and Soft Galaxy international. Lucas is a forward thinker and identified very early on that Ethereum will be moving from proof-of-work to proof-of-stake which means that mining would no longer be the future for Technologies and began his research into Artificial Intelligence. Since then he has studied Artificial intelligence at the London Business School and has identified key areas that will be significant for AI 2.0 in the near future. Paul also owns a Fine Art Company who are taking a serious look at the NFT space. Paul also oversees the overall Marketing efforts of AI 2.0.

Antje Beyer

Founder &Head of International Operations

Antje is the President of Optoelectronica and founder of Soft Galaxy. She has the mission to combine the expertise from two different worlds: hardware and software and deliver a new generation of computing and data processing to the World. This will boost the world's technological progress into the future, opening new doors for R &D , smart devices, changing the way we are currently interacting with technology.

She is well connected within the AI industry, and works closely with government entities. She works as a Managing IT consultant with international experience and a combination of consulting experience, general management experience, leadership skills as well as entrepreneurship and business development skills. Antje Beyer has broad industry exposure with a special focus on Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity, Military / Defence Systems, Blockchain Technology and e-government. She specialises in techno politics and alternative models of governance, with a focus on applications and decentralised architectures for Public Administration and e-government. She is also a founder of an international software engineering company, focusing on Artificial Intelligence and working on solutions for Blockchain Technology. This makes “Antje” a vital part of the team.


Torsten Freeh

Founder &Ceo At Cyber Smart Defence

Torsten Freeh is the Founder &CEO of Cyber Smart Defence with 20+ years experience in cybersecurity. Cyber Smart Defence was founded to respond to the growing threats in cybersecurity. During the years, Torsten and his elite team of ethical hackers, forming together a united, specialised team that can face any challenge in the cybersecurity field.

Torsten also has a continuous contribution reflected into long term customer relationships, building strategic partnerships with multinational companies and on-going research and development, always considering the cybersecurity market versatility and constant change that came as a requirement for staying relevant in the fight against cyber-criminals who always have found creative ways to hack organizations.

Torsten helped Stefanini Group in creating a global cybersecurity tower, capable of delivering all cybersecurity services on all continents. Madalin is also a respected commentator on cybersecurity issues and has previously been interviewed by the likes of NBC, Fox, ABC News, Reuters, Aljazeera and USA Today.

Matilda Edden

Strategy and Ecosystem Advisor

Matilda is an Entrepreneur, sits on the Advisory Boards of Blockchain companies, Consults companies in implementing emerging technologies such as AI, Blockchain, IoT, and is a regular Keynote speaker at Global Technology Conferences. She has over 19 years of experience, has led Global Organizations, and has lived and worked in several countries. Matilda is also the Co- Founder &CEO of PrimaFelicitas, a Bleeding-edge end-to-end Blockchain Technology Solutions Development Company, based in San Francisco, London, and New Delhi. Anurag is an Engineering Graduate from the Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) and holds a Master’s in Business from the Stanford University.


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